Ryan Steed

Personal Portfolio

Featured Project:
Project Hermes 2.0

Produced by the Laboratory for Unconventional Conflict Analysis and Simulation, Hermes is a modeling and simulation platform for modeling strategic social interactions, built to provide scalable decision-making support to strategists, commanders, researchers, and educators.

Featured Project:

To communalize the fashion process, the Thisfits team is building a streamlined social media app for real-time fashion feedback and documentation. Thisfits features social feeds where friends and strangers can collaborate on outfits and pieces for specific occasions and series.

Thisfits is currently in beta testing on iOS TestFlight with over 130 users. Sign up for the beta at thisfits.io.

Featured Project:

Interactive Web Physics Version 5 is an HTML5/JavaScript/D3 physics simulation applet built for classroom use. Build and visualize physics simulations using parametric and Euler's calculations.


Ryan Steed is a software engineer, quantitative modeler, data scientist, subject matter analyst, project manager, and student. He graduated from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in 2017 and is currently studying Economics and Computer Science at George Washington University. He is the Technology Fellow at the Innovation Center, George Washington's student startup incubator and innovation accelerator.